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So here's what's up:

We had to forfeit our last game because we didn't have enough players. But Michaela and Cutter and I still went, and played with the other team. They taught us a lot of really awesome plays... Marple and Margot also came to watch and Margot played for a while too.

Because we had to forfeit (though it's not like we would have won anyway..), we do not have a game this week. :(

But listen, Highlands Park frisbee has kind of been dying out. So, we're having Highlands Park frisbee (with the super rad magic frisbee my dad won at a science teacher's convention) this tuesday at 2:00 and thursday at 2:00. This was august 7th, why couldn't we have been playing frisbee then??

I'm also going to call around tomorrow to see about doing a carwash this saturday, to pay back Maggie and Deanna and everyone.

Our last game is August 26th at 8:30 at Mill Creek Sports Park. Make sure you have it on the calendar! We should have a party or something beforehand.
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